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What's happening with the Diplomacy Lab at IU? Explore a comprehensive list of all the Diplomacy Lab courses that have been offered at IU Bloomington. 

Downstream Impact of Upstream Mekong Dams
Michael Dwyer
GEOG 417

Global Attitudes on Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights
Isak Nti Asare
SGIS S202: Artificial Intelligence and the Race to Rule the World

Scientific Herstory: An Elevation and Celebration – through Social Media – of American Women’s Contributions in STEM Fields
Katie Siek
INFO I101: Intro to Informatics and Computing

Smartphone APP for U.S. History in the Azores
Christina Chung
INFO I400/I590: Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Cross-Cultural Linkages Between Contemporary African Amerian and African Pop Culture
Candis Smith
AAAD-A210: Black Women in Diaspora

Who is spreading Disinformation in Sub-Saharan Africa?
Sameer Patil
INFO I-330: Legal and Social Informatics of Security

Making Smart Cities Meaningful to the Public
Sameer Patil
INFO-I 537: Legal and Social Informatics of Security

GIS/Google Earth Mapping of Mission Mexico’s Consular Resources, Natural Disaster History, and Crime Trends
Michael Hamburger
EAS - E490/G690, Environmental and Energy Diplomacy

Inclusive Legislation:  Advancing Disability Rights – Regional Survey
Lesley Davis
Independent Study

Focusing the Learning Provision of Kosovo’s MakerSpaces
Adam Maltese
EDUC –P540: Learning & Cognition in Education

Energy to Burn: Using Renewable Energy to Help Malaysia Meet Climate Change Commitments
Michael Hamburger
EAS - E490/G690: Environmental and Energy Diplomacy

Analyzing Russia’s Influence on Modern Mongolia
Mark Minton
INTL-I: Topics in International Studies

Countering Dis-Information Through Story Telling 
Sameer Patil
INFO-I 390: Undergraduate Independent Study

 "Truth-Decay." What Are Nations Doing to Strengthen Themselves against Web-borne Disinformation 
Sameer Patil
INFO-I 330: Legal and Social Informatics of Security

Energy to Burn: Using Renewable Energy to Help Malaysia Meet Climate Change Commitments 
Michael Hamburger
GEOL-G 490/690: Environmental and Energy Diplomacy

Azerbaijan’s Political Past and Democratic Potential 
Zeynep Elbasan
Undergraduate Independent Study

Reviving the Yugosphere 
Michael Alexeev
ECON-E390: Research Methods in Economics

Anticipating the Needs of 8 Billion People and Beyond 
Tom Evans
GEOG-G485: GIS Programming/Professor

Designing for Diplomacy: An American Experience 
Marleen Newman
AMID-D 374: Advanced Interior Architectural Design Studio: Global Context

ICT Investment: Engine of Growth or Boulevard of Broken Dreams? 
Hamid Ekbia
INTL-I 426: Computers, Cultures, and Our Globalized Future

Energy Options for Vietnam 
Michael Hamburger
G490/G690: Environmental & Energy Diplomacy

Developing New Case Studies for Public-Private Partnerships 
Theresa Hunter
SPH-P510: Organization and Administration of Public Health Programs

Immigrant and Refugee Integration: Mobile Solutions for Mobile Populations 
Rajendra Abhyankar
SPEA V550: Practice of Diplomacy

How to Effectively Combat Anti-Semitism in 21st Century Europe 
Gunther Jikeli
JSTU-J 304 / HON-H 304: Contemporary Antisemitism in Sociohistorical Perspective

Benefits and Drawbacks of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) on Vietnam 
Anh Tran
SPEA-V-550: Practice of International Development

The Role of Technology in International Relations 
Julien Mailland
MSCH-M413, Global Media Issues

Conflict Mediation in Africa: What is the Missing Link? 
Leslie Lenkowsky
SPEA-V450: Traditions of Inquiry; What is Public Policy For?

Sprout Diplomacy: Growing Sprouts, Feeding People and Changing Lives in the Lake Chad Basin 
Olga Kalentzidou
INTL-I 370: Food Security

Political Impact of Increases and Decreases to Foreign Military Financing FMF Allocations on Partner Nations 
Huss Banai

Urbanization! What About Food Security? 
Tom Evans
GEOG-G 461/561 Human Dimensions of Global and Environmental Change

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