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What's happening with the Diplomacy Lab at IU? Explore a comprehensive list of all the Diplomacy Lab courses that have been offered at IU Bloomington. 

Feminist Theory and Methodology
Barbara Dennis/Professor

Climate Disasters and Resilience
Jessica O'Reilly/Associate Professor

Economic Development, Globalization and Entrepreneurship
Joe Ryan/Adjunct Lecturer

Regional Cooperation on Marine Monitoring and Enforcement to Support Sustainable Fisheries Management in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Marine Corridor
Joe Ryan/Adjunct Prof.

Emerging Technology and Human Rights
Asaf Lubin/Associate Professor
LAW-B 665

Green Economic Recovery and Smart Sustainable Cities
Anh Tran, Professor

Global Navigation Satellite Systems as a Tool to Increase Global Preparedness 
Michael Hamburger/Professor

Can Pay Rates of Elected Officials and Power Consolidation Impact Corruption? - A Jamaican Case Study
Prof. Anh Tran
SPEA D 669

Evaluating the Process and Outcomes of Cabo Verde’s Graduation: Contributions and the Price of Graduating from Low-Income to Middle-Income
Prof. Joe Ryan
SPEA  D669

A Framework for the Adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by a Global Security Organization
Prof. Isak Nti Asare

Assessing Natural Disaster Risk to U.S. Citizens in Mexico
Prof. Michael Hamburger– EAS E490 – Environmental & Energy Diplomacy (Disaster Risk Reduction, Mexico)

Downstream Impact of Upstream Mekong Dams
Michael Dwyer
GEOG 417

Global Attitudes on Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights
Isak Nti Asare
SGIS S202: Artificial Intelligence and the Race to Rule the World

Scientific Herstory: An Elevation and Celebration – through Social Media – of American Women’s Contributions in STEM Fields
Katie Siek
INFO I101: Intro to Informatics and Computing

Smartphone APP for U.S. History in the Azores
Christina Chung
INFO I400/I590: Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Cross-Cultural Linkages Between Contemporary African Amerian and African Pop Culture
Candis Smith
AAAD-A210: Black Women in Diaspora

Who is spreading Disinformation in Sub-Saharan Africa?
Sameer Patil
INFO I-330: Legal and Social Informatics of Security

Making Smart Cities Meaningful to the Public
Sameer Patil
INFO-I 537: Legal and Social Informatics of Security

GIS/Google Earth Mapping of Mission Mexico’s Consular Resources, Natural Disaster History, and Crime Trends
Michael Hamburger
EAS - E490/G690, Environmental and Energy Diplomacy

Inclusive Legislation:  Advancing Disability Rights – Regional Survey
Lesley Davis
Independent Study

Focusing the Learning Provision of Kosovo’s MakerSpaces
Adam Maltese
EDUC –P540: Learning & Cognition in Education

Energy to Burn: Using Renewable Energy to Help Malaysia Meet Climate Change Commitments
Michael Hamburger
EAS - E490/G690: Environmental and Energy Diplomacy

Analyzing Russia’s Influence on Modern Mongolia
Mark Minton
INTL-I: Topics in International Studies

Countering Dis-Information Through Story Telling 
Sameer Patil
INFO-I 390: Undergraduate Independent Study

 "Truth-Decay." What Are Nations Doing to Strengthen Themselves against Web-borne Disinformation 
Sameer Patil
INFO-I 330: Legal and Social Informatics of Security

Energy to Burn: Using Renewable Energy to Help Malaysia Meet Climate Change Commitments 
Michael Hamburger
GEOL-G 490/690: Environmental and Energy Diplomacy

Azerbaijan’s Political Past and Democratic Potential 
Zeynep Elbasan
Undergraduate Independent Study

Reviving the Yugosphere 
Michael Alexeev
ECON-E390: Research Methods in Economics

Anticipating the Needs of 8 Billion People and Beyond 
Tom Evans
GEOG-G485: GIS Programming/Professor

Designing for Diplomacy: An American Experience 
Marleen Newman
AMID-D 374: Advanced Interior Architectural Design Studio: Global Context

ICT Investment: Engine of Growth or Boulevard of Broken Dreams? 
Hamid Ekbia
INTL-I 426: Computers, Cultures, and Our Globalized Future

Energy Options for Vietnam 
Michael Hamburger
G490/G690: Environmental & Energy Diplomacy

Developing New Case Studies for Public-Private Partnerships 
Theresa Hunter
SPH-P510: Organization and Administration of Public Health Programs

Immigrant and Refugee Integration: Mobile Solutions for Mobile Populations 
Rajendra Abhyankar
SPEA V550: Practice of Diplomacy

How to Effectively Combat Anti-Semitism in 21st Century Europe 
Gunther Jikeli
JSTU-J 304 / HON-H 304: Contemporary Antisemitism in Sociohistorical Perspective

Benefits and Drawbacks of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) on Vietnam 
Anh Tran
SPEA-V-550: Practice of International Development

The Role of Technology in International Relations 
Julien Mailland
MSCH-M413, Global Media Issues

Conflict Mediation in Africa: What is the Missing Link? 
Leslie Lenkowsky
SPEA-V450: Traditions of Inquiry; What is Public Policy For?

Sprout Diplomacy: Growing Sprouts, Feeding People and Changing Lives in the Lake Chad Basin 
Olga Kalentzidou
INTL-I 370: Food Security

Political Impact of Increases and Decreases to Foreign Military Financing FMF Allocations on Partner Nations 
Huss Banai

Urbanization! What About Food Security? 
Tom Evans
GEOG-G 461/561 Human Dimensions of Global and Environmental Change

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